How to install PC Matic On Windows 10 & Mac?

Installing PC Matic is very simple and basic than any other optimization utilities accessible in the market. A single does not want to have any particular knowledge about technical know how. Prior to beginning the installation procedure 1 want to obtain the PC Matic set up file and but the registration important.

Installation Procedure for PC Matic

1. Double click and open the set up file
2. Select installation directories
3. Accept the EULA or End User License Agreement
4. Provide the registration key to verify the buy
5. Then wait for the installation to comprehensive
6. When it asks to start off the initial scanning enable the process
7. Add this application to Antivirus Exclusion list or Trusted App List
8. Then wait for scanning to comprehensive
9. Soon after completion PC Matic will ask permission to solve concerns, allow it
ten. Then wait for the procedure to finish and then when it asks to restart click ‘OK’.
Soon after Installation
On resume PC Matic will set up its auto optimization profile. This profile will be employed to constant surveillance and protection for the program machine which is required to be optimized. This profile can be changed anytime by the administrator under ‘Settings’ Tab. Like other functions this setting section is also really user friendly, and there are profile sections available that can be utilized for saving different settings for distinct environment.

Serial Crucial and Registration

Serial essential or Registration Essential ought to not be shared with any individual else other than the owner. Also this crucial is supplied for making use of in single machine only. If registration server identified that any essential is being utilized from more than one machine, PC Matic Registration server will blacklist that certain license crucial, and it cannot be employed additional.

To install PC Matic on yet another computer (or to reinstall on the very same computer) you just require to download and set up the software program, then login utilizing the exact same e-mail address and password as was used for the original installation. Do not attempt to create an account, use the license essential, and so forth. Just login. If you need to have a password lookup you can do that from the login page.

You can download and set up PC Matic from our customer service page at any time, or straight from their web site.

Here are a number of simple techniques to extend your PC Matic license by up to 1 further year! Also, never forget PC Matic Pro is now obtainable for businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and educational institutions!

When you have completed a single or a lot more of the above actions (other than Refer a Pal) – send a screenshot or hyperlink to your post to this e mail
…and we will update your account.
For Refer a Pal – simply stick to the guidelines with the links offered above.
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*Offer restricted to 1 additional month per Fan. **Offer restricted to 2 added months per verifiable post. **Provide restricted to 1 post per social media account. ***To be eligible for the 6 month subscription extension, the referral acquire need to incorporate a 1 year PC Matic subscription purchased from for $49.99. All subscription extensions will be distributed monthly within 30 days from the close of the prior months referral purchases along with an e mail confirmation.


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